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Ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Homeless Sleeping In Tents

Ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Homeless Sleeping In Tents On United States Department of Veterans Affairs Property, 'It Pisses Me Off'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not holding back when spilling his thoughts on the state of veterans in the country, especially during Veterans Day.

Radar obtained an exclusive video of the former governor saying he is furious after learning that people who have fought for the country have to live in tents on the government's property. The clip was filmed by a community organizer for the AFTP foundation named Sennett Devermont.

This week, the 74-year-old actor-turned-politician visited the United States Department Of Veterans Affairs property to honor the veterans and offer his support. However, after discovering the living conditions of some veterans, he claimed, "It pisses me off."

Devermont came up to him to ask his opinion on the servicemen who sought shelters within the building. Arnold said, "First of all, no one deserves to live in a tent except if you wanna go out hiking and you wanna go camping and stuff, then you can sleep in a tent."

The former Austrian body-builder continued to make a point about the veterans' terrible living conditions saying, "No human being should be forced to sleep in a tent" before adding, especially the ones "who had fought for this country."

This comes after the actor was spotted in Santa Monica with his son Christopher who recently had lost a dramatic amount of weight following his graduation from college. The father and son enjoyed some bonding time over lunch at R+D Kitchen on Wednesday afternoon.

During the outing, Arnold kept in casual in the fashion department by wearing a tight black t-shirt and fitted pair of trousers, displaying his billowing form. Meanwhile, his 24-year-old son sported The Lakers with a black NBA Champions shirt with Mickey Mouse on the front. He completed his look with a blue Michigan Wolverines baseball cap, grey shorts, and matching trainers.

As Radar previously reported, Christopher gradually lost weight since he embarked on a health and fitness journey ahead of his college graduation.

An insider revealed to HollywoodLife the youngest son of Arnold and his ex-wife Maria Shriver had decided to set a "goal to get healthy," including "working out" and "make better food choices."

"He made his goal to get healthy for graduation, and he stuck to it," the source claimed. "He started working out and making better food choices. He was away at school living like a typical college kid for a few years, but he's growing up now and ready to take better care of himself."

And the results have spoken for themselves. Earlier this week, Christopher's older brother Patrick posted a photo of him while the siblings gathered for their mom's birthday, writing, "My dawg in better shape than me." Read full story here.

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