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Here is an email we sent and who we sent it to. If you'd like to help Homeless and Disabled Veterans get their Home Back..
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The National Soldiers Home in Los Angeles, also known as the West L.A. V.A., is unlike any other V.A. in the nation. In the late 1800s, several donors deeded over 900 acres of land to the U.S. Government to permanently maintain the land as a National Home for Disabled Veterans and their families. 


Between 1895 and 1972, before Los Angeles was our nation's Capital for Veterans homelessness, nearly 5,000 disabled Veterans resided at their Soldiers' Home in well-built housing developed by the U.S. government. 


For nearly 80 years, the West L.A. V.A. operated as a soldier's home until the 1970’s when the privatization began and the Veterans were evicted from their home. Today, only a few hundred disabled veterans reside at the Soldiers Home, and an estimated 4,000 Veterans sleep on our streets. Roughly 100 disabled veterans live at "C.T.R.S.," an outdoor encampment where Veterans sleep in 64-square-foot plastic boxes that don't have a toilet, sink, or running water and have to go through dirt to use porta potties and shared showers that often don't work properly. These veterans are denied the key to their "tiny homes," causing them to keep their doors unlocked whenever they need to leave. Other Veterans living in buildings pay market value rent to private developers that don't keep up with the disabled veterans' concerns and repairs. Veterans should not be living in conditions like these and paying to live on land they have already sacrificed their lives for.


We demand an investigation and plea for the following that will allow the National Soldiers Home to reclaim its intended and initial purpose. 


    1.    Give keys to the veterans living in the "tiny homes" at C.T.R.S., where 100+ homeless and disabled veterans live in pallets shelters while waiting for permanent housing. As veterans wait days, weeks, or months in their "tiny home," they are denied keys and live in conditions that don't allow them visitors, hours on when they can shower, and must go through dirt to use a bathroom, shower, or get food and water while their door remains unlocked.


    2.    Evict any entities at the National Soldiers Home violating the Deeds and legal mandates requiring they only serve disabled and homeless Veterans. This includes the entities the Federal Court ruled against and the Inspector General Found in violation of Laws in both 2018 & 2021.


    3.    Stop charging rent to disabled veterans living in building 209 at the National Soldiers Home and reinstate the compensated work therapy program that was successful and existed for many years that helped veterans re-enter the workforce as part of their treatment. 


    4.    Stop using city-funded programs to house disabled Veterans far away from the V.A. Medical hospital and treatment resources where they get care and wait for vouchers that then require them to spend most of their disability income on market-rate rent. This causes disabled veterans who need regular treatment and services from the V.A. to move to places 20+ miles away in Inglewood, downtown L.A., and the San Fernando Valley. Without reliable transportation, this becomes very challenging for disabled veterans. 


    5.    Use the hundreds of millions of dollars that Congress appropriated for the West L.A. V.A. to renovate the Soldiers' Home buildings that are abandoned or illegally occupied. 


    6.    Strike Section 705 from the PACT Act. It has nothing to do with Burn Pit victims but allows the Secretary of the V.A. to continue leasing V.A. property to entities that do not benefit veterans directly. Those buildings are desperately needed to do what they were built for at the West L.A. V.A., National Soldiers Home: housing and treating homeless and disabled Veterans.


If we can't end homelessness for the 4,000+ veterans in Los Angeles when we have hundreds of acres and a billion-dollar federal budget; how do we even begin using a city budget to house the over 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles? 


We need enforcement, accountability and transparency. F.B.I., please investigate immediately. 

Thank you,

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