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The AFTP Foundation makes police more accountable and transparent everyday while amplifying the voice of and advocating for victims of systemic injustice. Join us in the movement to create safer and more empowered communities.

In honor of the 30 dogs who are killed by police everyday, we urge you to contribute $30 or more to become a card-carrying AFTP member. 


By becoming a member you will receive:

  • Discounts to services and products in our network.

  • Free consultations to our network of attorneys nationwide.

  • Free access to “MrCheckpoint” DUI Checkpoint alerts.

  • An official AFTP membership and Know Your Rights Card. 


Reasons to donate to AFTP:

  1. We are a daily reminder to millions of people why we should exercise our 1st amendment right to Always Film The Police.

  2. Everyday we help make police more accountable and transparent.

  3. We take the calls from those who have had their loved ones killed by police. We amplify their voice and advocate.

  4. We organize in the board rooms, the communities, and the streets to demand equality and justice. 

  5. We fight for those wrongfully incarcerated and unjustly sentenced.

  6. AFTP challenges racism, oppression, and threats to constitutional rights.

  7. We are unafraid to stand up to politicians, private entities, or wealthy elitists. 

  8. We have integrity. Issues don’t have to be popular or mainstream for AFTP to get involved.

  9. AFTP creates technology and systems to create 1 click petitions that has been used over 100,000 times and used to demand change.

  10. We continue to expose systemic injustices to millions of people using social media, PR, and our influential network.

  11. Our work is supported by the people because we are Always For The People.


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